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Prinspiration: Palazzo

Bella Descanso Palazzo Pyjama Set

 Palazzo celebrates a bold, yet intriguingly elegant, European vibe with Italian azure blue as a feature colour of the print. Striking pops of red complement the lovingly hand painted bee motif and the collection theme, Queen Bee of Hearts, shines through with the addition of a subtle playing-card Queen rank. The white background and primary colour palette make this print complementary to a variety of skin tones and its watercolour origins are depicted through a charming depth of colour.

The green piping and trims speak to the jewel-like green that is featured subtly throughout Palazzo, a print which transports the wearer to waking up to their favourite Euro-glam location.

Our striking Palazzo print concept was initially sketched in pencil (pictured) and then became a hand-painted watercolour illustration by artist Jennifer Darr prior to being prepared for digital printing. 

About the Artist:

Brisbane-born Jennifer Darr is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for art, travel and photography. She is currently based in London, England and draws on her background in fashion design to create work predominantly for the fashion and lifestyle industries. With a range of clients in both the UK and Australia, Jennifer's recent work has been focussed on using traditional watercolor and ink and has been described as whimsical and lighthearted.

Instagram: @JenandJennifer


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Bella Descanso at Palacio Santa Clara

Bella Descanso at Palacio Santa Clara

Prinspiration: Queen of Hearts

Prinspiration: Queen of Hearts

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